BI Business/Office Park/Industrial District...

The Business/Office Park/Industrial District is located at the northern end of the Route One Corridor between Downtown Business Districts 1 & 2 (DB1, DB2) and the Gateway District (GWD) at the Biddeford City line.  This district is designed to accommodate larger, more intense nonresidential uses but in a manner that creates a high quality that is attractive to better quality users. 
Uses:  The Business/Office Park / Industrial area will allow a wide range of nonresidential uses but will exclude residential uses, except those clearly accessory to a business use and occupied by a business owner, manager, or employee. Retail uses will be limited to those that are not appropriate in Downtown Business Districts 1 & 2 by nature of their traffic generation, outdoor storage or display of materials or merchandise, or need for extensive parking. Restaurants, sandwich shops, and convenience stores will be allowed as well as accessory sales as part of another use.
Development Standards: The development standards for this district will focus on assuring that development is well designed and attractive from a site design standpoint through the use of buffering and landscaping requirements and provisions for the placement of service areas and overhead doors on the side or rear of the building. The standards will require the establishment of a significant landscaped buffer on any parcels that abut the Eastern Trail or the residential areas adjacent to the district. Minimal architectural design standards for buildings will be considered to improve the visual character of the area, such as requirements for windows on facades facing Route One, siding materials, and roof pitch. Land use standards discourage the creation of small lots or lots with limited frontage on Route One and encourage the creation of combined accesses and lots with their access from internal streets or drives.
For more details about the BI District, please refer to Page 89 of the Arundel Land Use Ordinance.