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Following is a list of state & local taxes which apply to businesses operating in Arundel.  This list includes some of the more common forms of taxation and is not intended to be comprehensive.  Links to tax authorities are provided in the right hand column for those requiring more information.  The Arundel Business Listing provides contact information for accountants in Arundel.


Real Estate Property Tax:  14.50 mils 

Personal Property Tax:  14.50 mils

Real Estate Transfer Tax:  $2.20 per each $500.00 of value of the property being transferred. 1/2 of the tax is levied on the grantor, 1/2 on the grantee.

Sales Tax:  5.5%

Use Tax:  5.5%

Lodging & Prepared Food:  8%

Short Term Auto Rentals:  10%

Personal Income Tax:  Graduated rate 2% to 8.5%

Corporate Income Tax:  Graduated rate from 3.5% to 8.93%

Unemployment Compensation Insurance:  Rate varies.  Tax levied on the first $12,000 of gross wages.