DB2 Downtown Business District 2...

The DB2 District is contiguous with the DB1 District but lies behind the DB1 District as it relates to Route 1.  The DB2 is a mixed-use district which is designed to accommodate more intensive commercial and institutional uses than the DB1.
Uses:  Permitted in the DB2 district are small, medium, and large [100,000 sf] scale wholesale, retail, office, and service uses as well as community uses and low-impact manufacturing. Residential uses, both single and multifamily, that are part of a mixed-use project are permitted. In addition, single-family dwellings are permitted, but new residential subdivisions, as defined by statute, are excluded. Those residential uses that are part of a mixed-use project qualify for inclusion in an incentive plan linking residential density to parcel area dedicated to commercial use, thereby encouraging a greater proportion of commercial development than residential development.
Development Standards:  Development standards for this district compliment the building patterns in DB1, but allow for more intensive commercial and institutional uses, making maximum use of the available land as site conditions permit and as improved infrastructure is provided.
For more details about the DB2 District, please refer to Page 83 of the Arundel Land Use Ordinance