General Assistance...

The Town of Arundel administers a program of general assistance available to all persons who are eligible to receive assistance in accordance with the standards of eligibility as provided in 22 MRSA §4301 et seq
The General Assistance Program is mandated by the State of Maine Legislature. All recipients are responsible for meeting their basic needs by any means available before applying for assistance. The Department of Human Services reimburses the Town for 50% of all general assistance granted.

Clients who do not qualify for financial assistance  will receive guidance in finding other available resources. This office assists residents with needs such as filing tax and rent refunds and referral services.

Arundel is fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers and contributors. This has made it possible for so many needs to be met. The Church Community Food Pantry has a fresh produce pantry and also distributes vouchers for fuel. Baskets are distributed at Thanksgiving, which are filled with all the fixings for a hearty meal for any Arundel resident in need. Secret Santa is also offered to any of our residents who may need a helping hand to provide Christmas gifts for their children. We don’t want to forget the Elder Elves who always give out beautiful gifts to homebound seniors in our community. Without the contributions that are received from everyone, Arundel would not be able to have these services.

Any Arundel resident in need of assistance or who has questions concerning federal, state, or county programs, should feel free to call Wendy Lank, the Social Services Administrator, at 985-4201 or email her at