GWD Gateway District...


The Gateway District is located at the northern end of the Route 1 Corridor.  It is a mixed-use district accommodating residential, business, and community uses.

Uses:  Permitted in the Gateway district are small to medium scale retail, office, service, and community uses as well as single and multi-family dwellings. New residential subdivisions, as defined by state statute, are excluded.

Development Standards:  Permitted in the Gateway district are small to medium scale wholesale, retail, office, and service uses as well as community uses and low-impact manufacturing. Residential uses, both single and multifamily, that are part of a mixed-use project are permitted, but new single-family subdivisions are excluded. Small lot sizes and limited setbacks are intended to encourage maximum use of the suitable land available for development.

For more details about the Gateway District, please refer to Page 101 of the Arundel Land Use Ordinance.